What will drive Demand Response adoption

I just finished reading a good article by Kate Rowland at Intelligent Utility about the future of Demand Response 2.0.  Most agree that it is one of the keys to a smarter grid, but how to engage customers and drive adoption is still a work in progress. As I have worked with clients an

Texas winter storms 2011 rolling blackouts, are the energy companies to blame?

by Adam Cox   Where was Smart Grid and why didn’t it help?   Well now the rubber has really met the road. For the past 24 months consumers have been hearing about Smart Grid, Sustainable Communities, Energy Conservation, etc…and how the grid can now heal itself, blah, blah, blah and t

I saw the weather forecast, did you?

By Stephen Daniels Why didn’t my utility see this coming? I saw the news. “Winter Blast 2011″… “Lay in heavy supplies, this one is going to be a bear”…”Colder in Dallas than it is in Anchorage today”. So, I prepared. I rushed to th

Smart Meter deployment creates consumer concerns

Smart Grid and smart meters hold the promise of long term consumption management and reduction but how reliable is the new technology? Recently consumers in California have contended that the new meters do not capture consumption at the same rate as traditional meters and have resulte

Why put an IHD in the home?

This question has been floating around for a while now and with the grant release recently it seems like a good time to address this issue. Couple of interesting facts about smart phones and the market forecast for adoption: 1. GSM and Smart Phones combined made up 63% of the world ma

Smart Grid…where do you start?

In discussions with various utilities and listening to other vendors providing both products and services over the past couple of years I hear a common question, “how do we get started?” Smart Grid creates a unique challenge, mainly based on the fact that the scope of a gi

Smart Grid Standards Update

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to Present Major Report on Smart Grid Interoperability Standards NIST to Host Detailed Briefing Following Report’s Unveiling WASHINGTON—U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will present a ma

Smart Grid – What is it?

At iTeres we have like most in the industry seen many conflicting statements about what Smart Grid is. The DoE and other groups have proposed definitions and while all share some common elements none seem to really hit the nail on the head. We feel that the definition below fits our u