Multi-Process Human Resource Outsourcing

Organizations considering an HR Transformation typically seek to lower costs and improve service quality. They may choose to outsource more than one HR function- seeking to gain as much leverage and efficiency from a single provider as possible.

HR Information Technology

It is common in business today to have a base HR Information Technology solution. Some systems are self-contained in that they offer the full complement of HR support services, and the company may add a specialty technology for certain HR functions (e.g. an ERP solution with software for a particular functional area like recruiting); recently, SaaS (software as a service) solutions have gained popularity as an attractive alternative to the previously predominant ERP-style approach.

Payroll Advisory Services

A large percentage of companies today outsource some of their payroll delivery activities. Outsourcers offer a range of services to accommodate their clients.

Benefit Administration Advisory Services

The total cost of labor doesn’t stop with cash compensation- a substantial added cost includes the cost of benefits. As benefit plans continue to increase in cost, the legislative costs associated with benefit plans add to the total cost of providing much needed benefits for employees.

Recruiting and Staffing

Securing the right people is always a key challenge for any business. As businesses experience growth, or employees leave for other opportunities, finding the right people in a time-effective manner represents a challenge. There are many approaches to how a company chooses to select its employees- recruiting can be conducted internally most likely centralized in Human Resources and utilizing social media, it can be coordinated with third parties as a resource for selected positions, or it can be decentralized through a Business Partner role within a business unit.

Employee Development and Training

Well managed companies know the value of developing the human capital of the business. Research shows that keys to retention is the creation of a work environment where employees are challenged and grow professionally.


How a company compensates an employee directly communicates how the company values the employee. Along with effectively performing a job, how one is paid acts to reinforce self-esteem. That is why it is critical to have well designed and administered compensation programs.

HR Compliance

The passage and impact of legislation continues to be a challenge for HR Departments and the professionals who run them. An ever-increasing number of regulations are being passed that impact the relationship that HR has with current and past employees, their families, and applicants.